In which of the following areas do surface high pressure systems usually predominate over the north atlantic region between 30°n and 65°n and the adjoining land areas during the northern summer?

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The Iberian pig has dark skin with a sparse coat, a pointed snout, and long, slender legs. The Genetic trait of this breed is its ability to store fat in muscle tissue, the key to the Unmistakeable flavour and texture of Iberian hams. Grazing in the dehesaHere, pastures are in fact open woodlands of holm oaks and cork oaks. A traditional, well- Balanced diet that is essential to the quality of its meat. The dehesa pastureland is one of the Best preserved ecosystems in Europe, where Iberian pigs breed side by side with wild species, Such as rabbits, lizards or imperial eagles. FOREST EXPLOITATION.Advantages:-The production of wood (to create houses). -The production of paper (to write).-The production of furniture.-Cork-Resin;;Disadvantages:-Forest provide us with a huge amount of different medicine material (drugs to fight Cancer )-Forests absorbs Carbon Dioxide that prevents global warming.- They regulate the water cycle by absorbing and redistributing rainwater quite equally To every species living within its range. If we destroy them there can be floods.-Forests produce oxygen, that help us to breathe.- They contribute to biodiversity (otherwise , many species would become extinct) -Over 1.6 billion people depend on de forest sector.-Destruction of forests would cause soil erosion. 

Aquaculture refers to the breeding of aquatic species in underwater farms known as fish Farms (found in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans). -Traditional fishing: this method has been used since ancient times and it is still used in Developing countries, performed in rivers and in coastal areas. It is mainly used for self- Consumption. -Artisanal fishing: small-scale fishing using boats. It has a low fish production.-Industrial fishing: takes place in large factory ships, in which fish are conserved using refrigeration. Fish captures are very high. -North Atlantic: the best known areas are those found in Newfoundland and southern Greenland, the Saharan Canary Fishery, the European coast and certain areas in the Mediterranean.-South Atlantic: best fishing areas are Namibia and Argentinian coast.-North Pacific: the northeast region of the Pacific Ocean is one of the main fishing areas of the world, along with a region in china.-South Pacific: The coasts of Peru and Chile are the other two main fishing areas in the world. -Indian Ocean: Main fishing area is found in the northern part of Africa. Commercial fishing is the capture of fish for commercial purposes. Those who practice It must often pursue fish far from land under adverse conditions.

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