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Introduction: Journalistic argumentative-expository text (as reported in newspaper ...) where the author presents his opinion on ... so subjetiva.Funcion predominant (representative appealed (to where)).

Topic, summary, thesis (final inductuiva, deductive principle) Structure.

Linguistic analysis:

types of arguments (of authority, input data, evidence, examples, rhetorical questions, proverbs and sayings)

Semantic, synonyms and antonyms, jargon and learned words, such language (worship, colloquial expressions of the street, vulgar), adjectives, verbs (1st person, subjective, 3rd person objective, Imperative)

Types of sentences (subordinate clauses, long and complex own enunciation of the language culto.Abundan the affirmative, giving an objective to provide data)

Textual markers worth: because (for that, because, since), the result (so therefore that is why, then, of course, because, so, so, consequently), conditionals (if, case), concessive (although, despite the fact that, though)

News (roll with it)

Positioning the student

Conclusion and close textual

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