Argumentative text

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Argumentative texts
Relate presesde ideological position on an issue.
-Literary essay
-Scientists: thesis, essays, roundtable
-Professional: advertising, analysis, letter ...
Ling Features:
-estruct. gram. Basic Not Be + (prisoner) + SN
Abundance of sub-causal cones, cond and final
verb-related types of sentences previous cause, originate, produce, produce, reduce, infer ...
discebdi-type verbs: tell, say, consider, describe, make ...
-domain O enunciativa, af., and int, sometimes rhetoric. Avoiding mandatory.
Q-order marker insert paragraphs: loc ordinal order (1st, 2nd place, finally)
Resources-rhetorical: metaphors, allusions, periphrasis, synonymy, antithesis, parallelism ...
Remoteness-the sender by passing the self to you or to us.

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