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optical device consisting of an apparatus of glasses, one for each eye.
Conjure: a force or spirit apar'eixer obey, to name a inovació sacred or magical practices.
esporugui t: qu aafa afraid, scared.
literary text.
canemàs: outlining the order of acts and scenes and the description of presnoatges.
literary text: the text more Hellebore. spoken throughout the story opens.
Entries: with directions on how should the sets, lighting, costumes, the exact moment that the actors have 'enters the scene etc. ..
the adverb: it is a grammatical category that invariably modifies the verb, but can also modify an adjective or another adverb.
adverbial locution: group of words that has the same function as an adverb.
of adverse tipud: time, place, manner, quantity, afrimació, denial, doubt.
preposiciió: speech invariably serveixper that link two words or phrases.
2 types: unstressed (A, with ..) tonic (none against, from ..)

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