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Dear sir o Madame, I am writing to apply for the Travel Competition round the word that I saw advertised on the local English language newspaper last week. I would like to have the chance to participate in this competition with us. I am really interest going to the trip because my dream as I was little it was to round the world. I am an adventurous person and I love travelling. In my daily day I do a lot of exercise, so I am in fit and capable to do this challenge that would be very important for me.I am a young, in my free time I do trekking and snorkeling at summer. I have done adventurous sports like paragliding or rafting. In addition last summer I went to Spain in order to do the famous road to Santiago. I would be very exciting if I could participate in the Travel Competition. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully,

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