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ARTICULO: (formal) -titulo - start with a question - 2 parrafos uno introductorio y uno de conclusion -para la conclusion "To sum up,"

ENSAYO: (informal) -titulo - introduccion - dos parrafos -conclusion

Review: (formal) -titulo -introduccion - dos parrafos -Conclusion "To sum up, if you like books/films of this kind, you will like it i recomended you to read/watch this one. You won't regret!

Informal letter: superior izquierda (fecha direcccion poblacion y cp)  -Dear (name), -Grettings (I hope you're well) -Body (lo que te pida el enunciado) -Asap (I'm looking forward to hearing from you again) -Closing (write me soon, see you soon)

*Introduccion informal letter: "Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you again. Sorry for not having written for so long but I've been very busy."

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