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THE POINT: The point as exprecion element is used in different disciplines with different meanings, in other words, the point is the smallest expression that the artist can put on a canvas.


Concentration: to assemble something in the center which was separated

DIVERGENCE: it is to separate what is next

Linen Testers: a kind of magnifying glass that has the wires that form a fabric.

HOW TO SPOT THE POINT: To work with the point as the stain, you should take a pen or a pencil and model a sequence of points close together.


can express emotions or mobility

Straight line is defined as the distance between 2 points more conrta.

Curved line: it can be a circle, part of a spiral or an arc.

Broken line: this consists of several segments or parts of the line in 2 directions.

Wavy line: it is the union of several curved lines that change direction

Joint Line: set porfama by straight lines and curves.

CLASSIFICATION OF THE LINES by their location in space:

The lines also can be classified according to its position in space, ahem: when standing on the floor, your body is presented as a straight line on the ground plane:

Line perpendicular line between the vertical straight line and provides an angle of 90 °.

Line orizontal (SKEW): the line that draws the body in comparison with the horizontal line stops soil at 30 °

Parallel line: if we stand facing a wall using as far away our arm to form a line parallel to the wall.


Analytical is an initial and ongoing practice for the race of the artist, this exercise allows expression develop visual and manual skills to represent the objects from the real model.

Tecnico: tectincos instruments such as warrants squad, compas, double cimetrico, etc..

drawing instruments: to learn to handle instruments presicion, draws projects: working with flat and three-dimensional figures, architectural drawings: plans and views to represent RESIDENTIAL buildings, religious, military and cultural.

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