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(EMPREGO) SUBECT: SECRETARY – Rita Teixeira Dear Sir/Madam, I have been developing my professional activity as Administrative

Technician, and Secretariat of experience and assistance to
various directions. Got strong telephone service and persona
l skills as well as coordination and support for operational and
administrative functions. I also have sound knowledge on the 

IT from the perspective of the user.At this point I am ready to embrace a new professional design

in the Administrative area. I believe that my experience and
my ability to planning and organization, analysis and rigor

will be capital gains for Your Company.The fact of Your Company is a national reference is also

clearly a motivating factor could become part of Your team. 
In this regard, I enclose my CV getting in anticipation of 
possible schedule an appointment to introduce myself personally. Yours faithfully, Rita Teixeira Rua Miguel Torga

O MUNDO NO FUTURO/THE WORLD OF WORK) For starters, forget this employment history. In ten years, 
employment will be a word in disuse. The world will be faster,
interconnected and with different organizations from ours. 
New technologies will further enhance the ability to work 
around the globe, at any time. Flexible hierarchies will arise
to accompany decentralized power production networks.
Is the era of freelance work, collaborative and somewhat insecure.
It will also be the time for more comfort, care of nature and
creativity. Globalization and technological advances
(some of them are available today) will make it all possible.
And a new generation that will reach the command of the
companies with a female presence increased.

(INTERNSHIPS) The stage is an important step in the development process
and student learning because it promotes opportunities to 
experience in practice academic content, providing this way
, the acquisition of knowledge and attitudes related to the
profession chosen by the trainee. In addition, the internship
program allows the exchange of experiences among
employees of a company as well as the exchange of new ideas, 
concepts, plans and strategies. The completion of stage 
combining academic knowledge with the living experience 
of the working environment, because elucidates and
supplements in practice the topics covered in class by the teacher.
Thus, the student can better retain knowledge about the
chosen profession through experience during the internship program.

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