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Floppy disk/Disquete.Conform to standard and you can use them to carry data from one place to another.Disco duro interno/Inside hard disk.They are fast and can store much greater amounts of data than floppies.Discos magneticos/magneto optical disks.are like CD-ROMS.They are removable, have large capacities but they are expensive so they are no very common.Disco duro externo/Removable hard disk.You can move data from place to place using removable hard disks, they are fast and also high capacities, but they are relatively expensive.CD-ROM.They are very common and removable, and can hold large amounts of data. They also cheap to make. They are usually read only.Magnetic tape/cinta magnetica.Is the cheapest medium. EVery time you read or write a piece of data, you start at the beginning of the tape.

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