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Agree: estar de acuerdo Answer the phone: contester el teléfono Apologize:  pedir disculpas Argue: discutir Ask:  preguntar Chat: Hablar Fall out: pelearse Leave a message: enviar un Mensaje Make a call: hacer Una llamada Post a message: dejar Un mensaje Send a text: enviar Un testo  Talk face to face: hablar cara a cara Thank: agradecer Warn: Advertir SAY: goodbye, hello, nothing, something, sorry, thank YouESPEAK: Clearly, English, in public, toTELL: a joke(un chiste), a lie(mentiras), what to do(que Hacer), a story(una historia), the truth(la verdad)Assist: ayudar Bad-mouth: Insultar Enquire: interrogar  Fancy: Imaginar Reckon: calcular que Require: exigirAd: anuncio Enquiry: investigación Paper: articulo Big-mouthed: bocazaIll-mannered: maleducadoGo on: SalirShut up: Callate Get in touch with: ponerse en contacto conHave a word whit: tener unas palabras con  I would be grateful if: le agradeceria si…Regret to: lament

Present simple(take)-> Past simple(took)/Present continuous(am taking)-> past continuous(was Taking)/Past simple(took)-> past perfect simple(had taken)/Present perfect Simple(have taken)-> past perfect simple(had taken)/Will(will take)-> Would(would take)/Can(can take)-> could(could take)/Must(must take)-> had To(had to take)

Here->there/this->that/ These-> those/ now-> then/nest week->the following week/ Today->that day/ tonight-> that night/ tomorrow-> the following day/ Yesterday-> the day bejore/ last week-> the week before

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