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Postmodernism: Due to political and social changes of the 80s, the thought, postmodern, which is characterized by rejection of ideologies and aesthetic theories and practice the mixture of languages from different disciplines such as literature, cinema, etc.. They defend popular culture and hybridization of styles. Postmodern thought is reflected in everything from the taste for fusion of genres, as the author plays with references known to the reader. The relativism of postmodern thought itself favors the use of humor and irony as resources. Current Literature (trends) literature since 1975 has the trait of trying to regain the reader behind the experimentalists excess of previous years. Alternate Theater-commercial works and experimental works of medium capacity. There is a growing body of literature in Catalan, Basque and gallegoa since 1975. Narrative: Bernardo Atxaga, Manuel Rivas, Terenci Moix Theater: Sergi Belbel, Joglars.Lirica since 1975 due to the lyric of this period can not be removed common features, but general features: 1 taste for upcoming issues and everyday (poet individual close to the reader, who tells of his experiences and feelings) 2 - simple and colloquial language (used neologisms, jargon, marginal, etc.) 3 - Inclusion of dialogues and monologues (the poem is structured as a dialogue between the poet and a recipient, which causes an almost theatrical effect) 4-purification formal (with attention to aspects poem's formal and precise language is used and care. 5 --formal freedom: no rhyme and / or measure. The poetry of experience in post-1975 poetry coexist multiple trends and styles. Many authors of the previous generation (Antonio Colinas, Luis Alberto de Cuenca) published in recent years some of his most important works. A stream called poetry of experience, has as its main theme real or fictional experiences of the author. This type of poetry is a clear reference in the generation of the 50s, writers like Jaime Gil de Viedma. The most representative authors are Luis García Montero and Felipe Benitez Reyes.

Luis García Montero (1958) cultivated a poetry closer to reality. Stresses the poetry collection "Separate rooms. His poems reject the cultural and the avant garde, and pursue communication and simplicity. Ex-I pursued. FelipeBenitez Reyes (1960) is author of poetry books as "The vain worlds, Bad Company," and so on. They offer a disenchanted and skeptical view of existence. The novel since 1957 (trends) The current novel seeks to recover the interest lost due to abuse of the experimental techniques. In 1957 with "the truth about the case Savolta" by Eduardo Mendoza, marked the starting point of this new novel, in which what matters is the content and plot, not the structure. Trends: Policing: Argument turns around to a crime. "Winter in Lisbon" Antonio Muñoz Molina. Histórica: recreates events of the past "The heretic" M. Delibes.Intimate: It is personal and emotional conflicts of the characters "The Polish Rider" by Antonio Muñoz Molina. Testimonial: planting current topics from a critical standpoint "I'll treat you like a queen" Rosa Montero. Eduardo Mendoza: Principal farmer of the novel in this period with "the truth about the case Savolta" in its stand later tryectoria d tambirn humor works, "the mystery of the haunted crypt" and novels that abla on twentieth-century Barcelona, "the city of pordigios "Other novelists: Antonio Munoz Molina (1956) great mastery of language. Javier Marias (1951) writer of great intellectual character. Luis Landeros (1948), author of "games of late age. Thetheater since 1975 (trends) commercial theater: musicals and comedies lightly. Alternative theater: innovative texts released in theaters in reduced capacity. Els eg comediants Authors: Francisco Nieva (1924) writes a theater high intellectual content, very important staging. José Sanchis Sinisterra: (1940) one of the playwrights concerned about the renewal of language teatral.Ej. Ay, Carmela! José Luis: (1942) Traditionalists author novels "The tobacconist of Vallecas"

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