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1- B E D A C
2 Botas
Your can clean up my boots?
not I cant, sorry I have to study
3 Microondas
1. Dont forget to close the door when you finish using it
2. Remember to cover their food before heating
3. Make sure to mark the appropriate time for each food
1.What are robots used for?
They are used to in huge companies, when the work is dangerous, or in investigations
where the humans been can't do it
1.How do computers make a life easier?
The computers helping us to work better and fast. Also they giving us the posibility
to know other things to which we do not have acces.
1 B C D E A
2 silla chaqueta
your me can pass the jacket?
yes I can,is beatifull your jacket
1. Try not to exposed to sun
2. Make sure to wet it
3. Remember to recharge the battery every week
4 1.What are microwave ovens used for?
to put the foof
How do computers affect the way you spend your free time?
I havent free time because job and study
1 E C D A B
2 perro
your can open the door the dog
not, i cant sorry , Because the must be out
3 notebook
1. Dont forget to turn off the laptop when you finish to work
2. Try not to hit against the floor
3. Be sure to recharge the battery before to travel
4 1.What are cell phones used for?
I use my cell phone for to talk with my friends and my family when I am far
1. Do you know anyone who is a computer whiz? Give details.
Only in the TV, for example David Copperfield, he is amazing, he is a very good
whiz he can disappear the objects more strange and the big structures in the world
1C D B E A
2 estante
your can pick up the bag
yes I can immediately
1. Dont forget to take out the card
2. Try not to count your money when there are other people
3. Remember to count your money
41.What are satellites used for?
To connect to the internet or watching television
1. How do computers affect your life? Give details.
My mom used to have to go to pay the bills, now she pays everything for the Internet.
Also when I have homework we use the internet, the computers are very useful

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