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2) a. yoroido is a fishing town where sayuri grew up whit his mother and her fisher father.
b. hatsumomo was scared and jealous because chiyo is very beautiful, and she could be a great rival to hatsumomo.
c. mameha wanted to sell chiyos mizuage very expensive because they have to pay all the debts to mrs nitta.
d. nobu was a best friend to chairman and he wanted to be the official danna of sayuri
e. because baron was mamehas danna, he had a lot of money
f. because hatsumomo wasnt earning what she once had.
g. in ny she maked a teahouse. She had a independent and a very happy life.
3) a.ceremonia entre mameha y sayuri
chiyo was the name of sayuris chilhood, but when she started her training to become a great and famous geisha (with mameha´s help.) Mameha and sayuri Went to ichiriki tehouse to change her name, becouse, she was a step to be a geisha. Then they drank sake tree times and the ceremony finished. Now the young girl was geisha (sayuri)
b.Sayuri pidio perdon.
n the time of world war 2 sayuri wanted to left kioto. She went to her ex- danna general tottori to ask for his help, but he tell her that he hasnt influences to help her. So sayuri went to ichiriki tehouse to see if someone could help her. In this moment, nobu-san was in the teahouse, he could help her. But with one condition, she must apologize with he.
c. La traicion de pumpkin
Sayuri had a great idea to get rid of nobu-san, the plan was: stay with minister sato (the man like a pig) for a night together having relations in the theater of amami island. She asked to pumpkin for her kindness of take to nobu-san there. Then he will the her, but pumpkin instead of take to nobu-san she took to the chairman at the theater. that was the treachery

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