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FOREVER YOUNG? C.A.True(1-2)True(2-3)False(4-5)False(8)Wander(15)Achievement.Was Stydying.Out.Safe(14)Cheat

 LADY IN BLACK. B.A.D.False(2)False(11-12)True(14-15) . Accomodation. To. Almost. Respectable. Came. Acept.

MASS TOURISM CAN KILL A CITY. D.D. False(9-10). True(12-13). False(8-9). False(16-17). Invade. Up. Figure(9). Jealousy. Purchases. Have studied.

VIDEOGAMES. C.C. False(14). True(9-10). False(11-12). True(16-17). Dead. Refusal. Collapse(6). Coming. Boss(12). Embarrasing.

SECOND LIFE. A.D. False(2-4). True(8-9). False(10-11). True(10). Injury. Weakness. Performer. Of. Symptom. Such a.

WOMEN WARRIORS. C.C.B. False(2). True(9-11). False(18). Head-ed. Win. Loser/loss. Hardly. Significant(17). During.

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