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TATTOOS. B.B. True(3). True(8-9-10). False(12-13-14). True(15-16). Descent. Laughter. Bravery. About. Evidence. Have been working.

SCREEN DINOSAURS. B.C. False(5-6). True(8-9). True(11-12). False(18). Research. Beyond. Up. Have ever Seen. Pray.

LA TOMATINA FESTIVAL. A.C. True(5). True(9). False(12-13). True(15-16). Unpopular. Succed. Global(15). Laughing. Across. Useful.

SAFE SWIMMING. C.C.B. True(2-3). False(8-9). True(12). Disability. Excellency/Excellence. Aim. Had Already left. Joint-s. On.

GAMES OF THRONES’ CREATOR?. D.C. False(8). False(9). True(13). False(9-10/Margaret). Boring. Learner. Investigate(3). To. Unable(19). Remind.

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