Consider an atom that has an atomic number of 8 and a mass number of 17 If it has a -2 charge it contains electrons.

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ions, bonding, and chemical formula and electron structure of an atom: Elements are the building blocks that make all the mass in the universe. Most elements are metals and solids at room temperature. An element is made of one type of atom, an atom has different parts that makes it, electrons, which orbit around the nucleus in a shell, protons and neutrons which are in the nucleus, they're also called neucleons. Electrons Stay with the nucleus because they are attracted to the opposite charge. Learn the table. Electron structure of an atom: electrons are attracted to protons and repelled by other electrons. The attraction keeps the electrons near the nucleus. Electrons can't be near each other, only so many can fit around the nucleus, in the first energy level (shell) can only have 2 electrons and the second only eight. The periodic table is organised to elements in each group have the same number of electrons in the highest energy level (shell). The elements in each group have the same number of energy levels (shells) around the nucleus.

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