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plate tectonics:
lithosphere- contains the crust and the upper mantle,

asthenosphere- is the next layer within the mantle, 

mesosphere- were material still flows but at a much slower , 

boundaries : divergent - two tectonics moves away from each other   
convergent- two tectonics push together  transform- two plate slide each other    

solar system : formed 4.6 billon years , 

terrestrial planet- mercury, venus,earth,mars 

Gas giant - jupiter, saturn,uranus,neptune, 

planet: celestial body, constellation:help people to recognize stars , stars : made of hydrogen and helium , galaxy: huge collection of gas 

Electromagnetic spectrum: less wevelength more energy , longer wevenlenght less energy ,types : radio, microwaves,infrared,visible light,ultriviolet,x-rays,gamma rays , 

French geodesic mission: meridian; ester and western-longitud , equator; norther and southern- latitud 

iluviation: accumulation of nutrients and rock A TO B , leaching : when the water go down in the horizon 

 wethering: is the braking dowm of minerals and fragmetation of rocks

erosion: movement of sediments 

deposition: place where the sediments ends .

 Weathering : physical- change structure , chemical- change de composition 

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