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Notation waiting models 1-3

l= Arrival rate

μ = Service rate

1/ μ=Average service time

1/l=Average time Between arrivals

p = l/μ= Ratio of total arrival rate to service rate for A single server
Lq = Average number waiting in line

Ls =Average number in system (including those being served)

Wq = Average time waiting in line

Ws =Average total time in system (including time to be served)

n = Number of units in the system

S = Number of identical service channels

Pn =Probability of exactly n units in system

Pw =Probability of waiting in line

Notation waiting model 4

D = Probability that an arrival must wait in line

F = Efficiency factor, a measure of the effect of having to wait in line
H = Average number of units being Served (repared) in the sytem

J = Population source less those in queuing system (N - n)
L = Average number of units in line

S = Number of service channels

n = Average number of units in queuing system (including the one being Served)

N = Number of units in population source
Pn = Probability of exactly n units In queuing system

T = Average time to perform the service
U = Average time between customer Service requirements W = Average waiting time in line

X =Service factor, or proportion of service time required

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