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Caregiver Sensitivity

is defined as the extent to which a parent responds to a Child's signals appropriately and promptly, is positively involved during Interactions with the child, and provides a secure base for the child's Exploration of the environment.

Emotional Development

•Emotions as a key to understanding meaning

–Provide a channel for Determining the meaning the child is giving to a specific situation

•The ability to regulate emotions


–Easy, slow to warm up, And difficult

–Emotions as a channel For adult-infant communication

–Emotions provide a Two-way channel through which infants and their caregivers can establish Intersubjectivity

-Incorporates the Mechanism of social referencing

Empathic Attunement

Attunement describes how reactive a person is to another's Emotional needs and moods. A person who is well attuned will respond with Appropriate language and behaviors based on another person's emotional state.

Empathic Failures

lack of understanding of another person's feelings, Perceptions, and thoughts.

Empathy: Sharing the perceived emotion of another

Cognition - the mental action or process of Acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the Senses.

Jubilant-feeling or Expressing great happiness and triumph.

Hiraeth: A homesickness for a home you can't return to, or That never was.

Taradiddle-A petty lie

Acceptance-The Action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

Aspiration-A hope or ambition of achieving something.

Sonder- The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, Including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own.

Resilience -- the capacity to recover quickly from Difficulties; toughness.

PSYCHOSEXUAL: of or Involving the psychological aspects of the sexual impulse. What Motivates people is their sexual desires

PSYCHOSOCIAL: relating to the interrelation of social Factors and individual thought and behavior.




3Mature-Values beliefs

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