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The roman republic

it was the 2 period in roman history From 509 B.C to 27 B.C

it was a result of a revolt wich Removed the ebruscan king

there were 2 important social and political groups:

the patricians= they were descendents Of the aristocrats families that fonded rome

they were a minarcity of the population

they had important fuctions= Judge,control the land,hold public office,govern the city

the plebis=the included anyone whe has Arrived in the city after its founding

they were the majoncity of the Population

at first=they hand´t political nights And proterty

after=they actatives 2 important Things:

the plebeian:to represent their Interest in politician

the law of 12 tables: to many Patricians and hold public office

there were 3 important political Institutions

the assemblies: there were formed by a Group of citicens

they had two fuctions: vote on Laurs,choose magistrates

magistrates: the govermed a city,they Were different types: the most important type of the consul

the senate: it was formed by 300 Magistrates,it had different fuctions: control the foering politics

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