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Roman empire

it is the 3 period in the roman history From 27 B.C to 476 A.D

the emperor was the most important Political institution in the roman empire

the 1 emperador was octabius augustus

he had different fuctions:

made law

controlled the army

controlled the religion

convered the senate

convered the assemblis

choose magistrates

the institutions of republic didn´t Disapered: but they hadn´t fuctions

he was seen as a good: the imperial Cult appened in this period

in the 3 century the roman empire Experienced a crisis

there were different reasons wich Explired this crisis:

the baranicos

the military revolts

the economic problems= caused bu a Decrease in agriculture production

the wealiening of the imperial Authority

395 A.D= theodosius had to divide his Empire into 2 parts between his 2 sons

the westem roman empire

the eastern roman empire

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