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The Habsburgs were Charles of Habsburg (Spain first and fifth of the Holy Roman Empire) Philip II of Germany (the conservative). Philip III of Habsburg (the pious). Charles II of Habsburg (the spell). Philip IV of Habsburg (the Great) Charles of Habsburg was born Ghent, xxiv February 1500 and died in the monastery of Yuste, 21 September 1558) King of Spain as Charles I (1516 * -1556) who first joined in his person the crowns of Castile and Aragon (*) but until February 9, 1518 the Cortes of Castile met in Valladolid, vowed not to Charles as king.
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire under the name of Charles V (1519-1556) son of Juana la loca, and Philip the Fair, first grandson of Maximilian of Austria (Habsburg) and Mary of Burgundy.
In 1556 he resigned the crown of Spain for his son and the empire of his brother Fernando. In Madrid
He married Isabel of Portugal had the following children: Philip II of Spain, Maria of Habsburg, Juana of Austria and John.
Philip II of Habsburg was born in Valladolid, xxi May 1527, dies at the Escorial, the thirteenth of September 1598. King of Spain from January 1556 until his death in Naples and Sicily from 1554 and Portugal and the Algarve (as Philip I) from 1580.
The seventeenth of November 1558 Mary died without issue, leaving Philip to be king of England.
In 1580, Philip II became a candidate to the Portuguese throne as the son of Isabel as Avis. His first wife was Maria of Portugal who died in childbirth of Prince Charles (1545). His second marriage, to Mary Tudor completed without issue. In his third marriage to Elizabeth of Valois had two daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia and Catalina Micaela. In 1568 Isabel de Valois dies and his son Carlos. In 1570, Philip II marries Anne of Austria fourth daughter of her cousin, Emperor Maximilian second, with whom he had five sons, Fernando, Carlos Lorenzo, Diego Felix, Philip (later Philip III) and Mary. Philip III was born in Madrid, April fourteenth, 1578, dies in Madrid, March 31, 1621king of Spain from 1598 until his death in 1621. Under his reign that the Hispanic monarchy reached the highest territorial expansion. Sponsor of the so-called pax hispanica (pacification strategy that helped to strengthen both economic and military) policy on delegated its valid for the Duke of Lerma, principal architect of the decree that in 1609 nearly 300,000 were expelled Moriscos of Spain . He married in 1598 with his cousin, the Archduke of Austria-Styria Margaret (granddaughter of Emperor Ferdinand I) with whom he had eight children Ana Maria Mauricia, Mary, Philip (Felipe IV), Mary Anne, Charles of Austria, Ferdinand, Margarita and Alfonso .

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