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The death of the author (Roland Barthes). The Picturegoers; (1) Ginger, You’re Barmy; (2) Out of the Shelter. (1) National Service, The Movement, The Angry YM. (2) Bildungsroman. His aunt. / The British Museum Is Falling Down: 1st exp novel. 1962 Pope John XXIII, 2nd Vatican Council. Pope Paul VI. Virginia Woolf= Mrs. Dalloway. 1st campus novel Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis. Lodge’s are Changing Places, Small World, Nice Work. / TBMIFD> new concern with experimentalism= Changing P, (3) How Far Can You Go?, (4) Small W. (3) metafiction. (4) intertextuality bc structure, ch, situations reproduce tradition. Eng romances esp medieval & renaiss. / Nice W> realism comes back full force. Robin, Vic. ‘Condition of England novel’ 19th c (Robin). Rest: Paradise News; Therapy, Thinks...; Author, Author (Henry James); Deaf Sentence; A Man of Parts (H.G. Wells)

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