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4.Authoritarism and totalitarism
In the 1920s and 1930, authoritarian dictatorships came to power in my countries.
-Left-wing authoritarian regime: Came to power in the USSR as a result of the Russian Revoltn. The Communist state was a anticaptitalist and aimed to established a Classless society.
-Right-wing authoritarian regime: came to Power in Italy (1922) and Germany (1933). These regimes were extremely Pro-nationalist and they were opposed to both Communis, and democracy.
Common featuresof authoritarism and totalitarism:
 -Politics: power was concentrated in the hands of a supreme leader and one ruling political partu.Propaganda was used to spread party´s message and glorify the leader.No elections and no other political parties allowed.
 -Economy:state Intervened and controlled economy. Public-works programmes were used to Reduce unemployment and trade unions prohibited or ruled by the party.
 -Society: State limited rights and freedoms. Repressive measures against people Who opposed or criticised regime. Enemies were arrested, impisoned, Deported or sent to prision camps
 -Foreign policy: these regimes pusued expansionist to obtain new territory and acces to raw materials.

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