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Poetry - Gustavo Adolfo Becquer: is a sentimental poet, dreamer, idealist ... but his technique is different from the romantic past (his style is more simple) is held by a play called Rhymes, this book is divided into 4 sections that did not divide but some friends suyos.El the thematic center is the woman, so it is always very sentimental.No women have spoken of positivos.Es features a poet who prefers to blend verses, stanzas often combines short abundant assonance and rhyme has a language where there are few adjectives, is a poet who likes to use parallels.

- Espronceda: As a lyric poet reflects well the romantic spirit in which we see reflected at very optimistic and very pessimistic, and mostly speaks of lost ideals (Love ..), is famous for his poems (songs) aimed at social outcasts and rebels (the song of the pirate, the beggar ...). In the narrative poems highlights the student of Salamanca of 1507 verses in which accounts the last hours of a student (like Don Juan Tenorio) called Felix Montemar , in which the young man seeks a lady who happens to be a spectrum that ends with her life. Another work that stands out is the devil's world consists of some 6000 verses and this unfinished song highlights II or the singing of Teresa which is an elegy written in eighth Real.

- Jose Zorrilla: is an essential feature is that in his poems and plays often mix real and fantastic (it has a very Catholic thought), his most celebrated poem is won, set in the Middle Ages (the Reconquista), other works by this author are good judge witness, daisy the keeper, Captain Montoya, Juan Tenorio ...

Narrative: - Gustavo Adolfo Becquer: wrote 22 short stories varied, set in the past (mostly in Spain) and are legends. Virtually all are fantastic (listed fairies, ghosts, living statues ...) some of these stories are: the moonlight ... on the last era organist Maitre perez ... and closer to this time the kiss. Also costumbrismo was fashionable it was strange because ablar this instead of talking about the past (nineteenth century), highlights Larra and particularly highlights a recopilacion painted by the Spanish call themselves (collection of articles Traditionalists).

- Larra: It was a very varied, spoke about the attitude of the Spanish and the things that deveria rectificar.Por example in the old Castilian, Larra wants to reflect the limited refinement of the middle class in society. His later papers were Souls' Day and Christmas Eve (both 1836).

features of Romanticism: the revolt -> Romantic questioned the morality of his time and bourgeois values

The evasion -> The confrontation with the reality of society and encourages the flight into the past (especially the Middle Ages) and remote locations.

the projection in nature -> The Romantic expressing nature through their emotions, dark environments, rugged landscapes, raging meres ...

Nationalism -> in this era are interested in what are considered genuine expressions of the soul of the people, hence, to include the popular and traditional forms of literature and collect the legends, traditions and stories of each region.

Romantic poetry has the following features:

"Polarimetry is used so often blend verses and stanzas of varying length. -items are the ideal love, the passion in all its facets, loneliness has a rhetorical ...-

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