Autonomous states come together to form a union called

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After Lenin´s death (1924),Stalin become Leader of the USSR. A totalitarian regime developed.

--He Controlled all branches of government. Also the army, which he used against its Political enemies. People against him were executed or sent to prision camps in Siberia.

--Economy was planned and controlled by the state. No Private property and industries were nationalized.

-          -In Theory, the soviet union was a Classless, but there were enormous social differences; ruling elite had access Ti all type of consumer products while the rest suffered from shortages of food Or basics. Many died of starvation.

WOMEN and Stalinism. Stalin restricted women´s rights and freedoms, suppressing the measures which Had been adopted during the Russian R. They were expected to get married, stay At home and had children. Couples were rewarded for having large families and It was difficult to divorce.

3.2.Democracy In the united states:


The Republican party: -Supported The capitalist systemand free markets.

- They opposed the government intervention in economy.

- They were hostile to trade unions.

- They represented the interests of the wealthiest Americans.

The Democratic party:-Supported capitalist system .

- They defended the government intervention in economy and to policies That would reduce social and economic inequalities.

- They supported the existence of trade unions.

- They represented the interests of the middle and working classes.

During 1920-1930 the Republican administrations governed the USA because of:

The Economic prosperity of 1920s.The fear of Communism, which could destroy the American capitalist system.They introduced conservative policies (isolationism And hostility to immigration).

In 1933 the Democrats returned to Power, when Roosevelt won the presidential election. Roosevelt Passed a series of mesures called the NEW DEAL. It brought greater government intervention in the Economy.

-Public-works programmes to create jobs and Reduce unemployment.
-The establishment of A basic social insurance system.

-Assistance for Farmers and others affected by the Great Depression .

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