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The Marshall Plan

In 1947 George Marshall created a plan to help with economic recuperation.

  • It tried to avoid the isolation of the United States during the WWI when they didn’t help those countries that lost.
  • It tried to stop communism with a strong group of capitalist countries.

The Marshall Plan gave credits to help with the post-war reconstruction (decisive for recuperation). The acceptance of democracy, as a political regime, and capitalism, as an economic system, was essential.

The formation of opposite blocs

The end of WW2 brought tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.

In 1947 the Truman Doctrine was implemented: it tried to stop the advance of communism and was the beginning of the division.

Germany was divided into four sectors (British, French, American and Soviet).

In 1948, the countries of the Western Bloc joined their sectors to form a new federation (Federal Republic of Germany).

  • The Soviet Union closed off its sector of Berlin (blockade), so the allies responded by organising the Berlin Airlift.

Western Bloc: United States, capitalist economy and OTAN. Eastern Bloc: Soviet Union, communist economy and Warsaw Pact.

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