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the cold war:is the conflict that existed between the united states and soviet union from 1945 to 1991. It is called cold because the two sides never went to war directly with each other, but they fought in proxy wars.causes of the cold war: cause1:mistrust-cause2:competotion for power(the us an ussr co,peted for power by using their polical,economic,and military clout trhoughout the world-cause3:competing did the usa try to contain conmunism:·marshall plan-helped countries economically so they won't go red.·helped anti-comunist troops. ·overtrew democracies that appeared to threaten thir political or economic interests. ·refusing to trade or aid countries in order to punish then(embargoes) phases:(1ph 1947-1953)·berlin blockade·china became a comunistic country(the arms race)·korean war. (2ph 1953-1977)·sputnick & space race·the berlin wall 1961·cuban missile crisis·vietnam war.  (3ph 1977-1991)·afganistan·star wars·berlin wall falls ·german unification ·end of urss and the cold war.conclusion:-the cold war continued until the late 1980s when comunism collapsed in eastern europe. -us and nato forced the ussr to spend more on their military than its economy could support. -is largely responsible for the us national debt.

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