Autopsy and co and autopsy findings

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Competition with oxygen to CO is more akin to that O2 Hgb, making in environments laden with CO this moves to its junction with O2 forming carboxy Hgb is unable to transport oxygen, producing tissue hiposia.
Altered transport of O2 to tissues in the presence of COHgb that there is little O2 in the blood, is released to the tissues more difficult.
Impairment in the use of O2 from tissues CO binds to enzymes involved in cellular respiration and avoiding blocking the absorption of oxygen by the tissue.
Direct cardiovascular depression CO binds to myoglobin that is unable to transport O2.

Autopsy. AUTOPSY CO.
External review à reveal pink skin of the body, prolonged and constant. Also see red in the eye and oral mucosa.
to very extensive and cherry red. Frequently livideces paradoxical.
Stiffness early, intense and lasting.
Internal review common signs of asphyxia. Peculiarities:
The blood more fluid than usual and more alive.
Lungs: edema crimson of Lacassagne, pulmonary edema, which is crimson liquid as well.
CNS, pinpoint hemorrhages, resblandecimiento areas. Sudden death of meninges and brain congestion and varying cerebral edema.

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