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morphology: studia class d ls parts and words, their capacities pra cnstrucion intrna and form words word lnguistica unit equipped d x 2 spacios sxada Sgdo blnco kon n lex indpndncia and autonomy: the word Sgdo part lxico d + sn imprtnt morf invariabls: modificanl lx dl Sgdo time ... p.compusta No: p. compsta x 2 o + lx and morfms flxivos p.drivada: p. k d + d and mor lx flx tmbn drivativs tracing TNN: word k copies the structura l pro Sgdo rproduc not fontic barbarism: palabrs imitnl Sgdo, strutura and pronunciacon k ls extranjrs fontica: dsciplina lnguistica the naturalz studia k ls d sni2 a) fontica articulatory: Manra in producn qs ls ap sni2 enl phono b) Hearing: cm s prcibn ls sni2 c) cm s propagn fonologia sni2 ls:dl dscripcion sist. dl rprsntacion Snider mntal the lngua consnanticos:-mode: occlusive p, t, k, b, d, g, fricatives: f, 0, s, y, x affricates, ç nasals m, n, ñ latrals l, and Vibrants r,-place: bilabials b, p, m intrdntals, 0 labiodntals, dntals f t, d, alvolars l, n, r, s, palatals c, n, l, and vlars g, k, x-sor2: k , c, d, f, j, p, s, t, 0-Snore: b, d, g, m, n, n, l, r, and bilinws areas variedads d ls: ls comunidads bilinwsl in spañol has adopted ralizacions pculiars in dstacan k ls ls intrfrncias (sn ls transfrncias dlmntos phonetic, lexical, morphosyntactic d 1A lngua to another). dialctos Istor: x razons socio-yl extnsión Istora prstigio the castyano rdujron dl ls dl posibilidads d expansion Aragonese dialctos driva2 lons dl sl latínlngua gnral castyano lons s located x asturias Aragonese vays pirnaicos variedads mridionals:distinguish 3 nuclear canary Andalusian lnguas d transition (Murcia, extrmño). Andalusian l ol s caractriza sso xs cco, aspiration d slimina the final "s", s the 1st production fonma aspiration dl | x |. dl tambiénl pronoun use and you ustds x prfrncia x ls trmina2 diminutives in-iyo, iya-canary-prsncia d Andalusian xtugusismos, amricanismos and gauxismos words procdnts d k sn ls nativos.l sso, aspiration d the final "s" and aspiration fonma dl | x | and replacing xl dl ustds you. lnguas as abla or dnominamos ls d transition and other prsntan xk variedads. enl case has features extrmño dl dl l Murcia withthe castyano sptntrional Catalan, Andalusian l l Aragon.

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