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Active/Pasive: Mike bakes a cake-A cake is baked by Mike./ is baking-is being Baking/ Has baked-has been baked/ Has been baking-has been being baked/ Baked-was Baked/ Was baking-was being baked/ Had baked-had been baked/ Had been Baking-had been being baked/ Will bake-will be baked/ Will be baking-will be Being baked/ Will have baked-will have been baked/ Will have been baking-will Have been being baked/ Is going to bake-is going to be baked/ Is going to be Baking-is going to be being baked/ Is going to have baked-is going to have been Baked/ Should bake-is going to have baked/ Might have baked-Might have been Baked

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