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Bank Holiday - closed all banks

Federal Emergency Relief Association [FERA] - gave direct relief in the form of money as aid to states and localities for distribution to the needy

Civil Works Administration - Money to states to build roads, schools, and playing fields and athletic grounds

Public Works Administration - loans to private industry to build public works

Civilian Conservation Corps [CCC] - provided jobs and relocation for young men (18-25) in rural settings under direction of U.S. Army

Works Progress Administration [WPA] - established to put men to work on jobs of public usefulness

National Industrial Recovery Act [NIRA] - created National Recovery Administration [NRA], which administrated process for devising industry-wide codes of fair business practices

Agricultural Adjustment [AAA] - limited farm production to help raise prices

Glass/Steagall Act - gave government power to investigate banking conditions

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [FDIC] - insured savings of bank depositors and monitored soundness of insured banking institutions

Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] - regulated stock and bond trading

Wagner Act - created National Labor Relations Board [NLBR] which reaffirmed labor's rights to bargain for wages, hours, and working conditions, to strike, and to arbitration of grievances

Fair Labor Standards Act [FLSA] - set minimum wages and maximum working hours

Tennessee Valley Authority - helped to bring electricity to rural "pockets of poverty" that could not afford lines

Social Security - provided for unemployed, aged, dependent, and handicapped

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