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The narrative prose
It has different sub-genres:
"The picaresque novel: it represents very well the ideology and aesthetics of the Baroque. The picaresque causes a sour face or a brutal laugh. Picaresque is an expression of disappointment. The protagonists of these novels are anti-heroes. The rogue is by nature inclined to evil, deceiving and offender consciously. Even when recounts his adventures as a reformed person and ends with a reflection on the offense. Work characteristic Guzman (Matt German) and Life of the hustler named Don Pablos (Quevedo).
"The pastoral novel: the first novel is the Arcadia (Lope de Vega). Along with the main narrative includes many poems. Pastors mask to real people.
"The novel Byzantine work: the Pilgrim in his homeland (Lope de Vega). It is an adventure story developed in Spain. Many poems are interspersed.
The novella: work: Novelas ejemplares (Cervantes). Admits in the preface to have been the first to write original novels Italian style. Fundo and genre.
"The didactic prose and doctrinal literature is intended to provide standards of conduct and to show the cost of the behaviors and attitudes against the rules. It provides advice and warnings. They are works of prose. Maximum represented by Baltasar Gracian.
"The satirical prose: the authors use the satirical criticism. Author Spotlight: Quevedo. Highlights two works: The dreams and time of all and fortune with brains.

Baltasar Gracian
Conceptista has a style. It is characterized by ellipsis and a maximum concentration of meaning in a minimal way, which leads to its end in the Oracle manual work and art of prudence. He constantly plays with words and every sentence is a puzzle. This is a manual of conduct of men discreet.
His masterpiece is THE critical. The play is about a man passing through life. Andrenio represents the impulsive and inexperienced of all individuals and facet Critilo wise and experienced. These two characters seek learning and practice of virtue. This is the worldview that is funny about the world, although vital disappointment and pessimism dominate the world, the virtuous person get over it.

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