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QE Burg meant the average age? Qin was meaning in the modern age adqirir?
It comes from village. The Burghers were privilegiatspero were very rich.

In that crisis was to late middle age?
That was a lot of hunger, wars and epidemics.

Define the concepts diplomatic network, Dynasty and matrimonial alliance.
Network Dipl.: Used to have relations with other kings
Marriages: to marry interests of land
Dynasty: The union of people QE govern a country in the same family.

Qins political change occurred in Europe?
were created authoritarian monarqies

Perqe is called realms QE penisulars there was a dynastic union?
Perqe joined the Catholic Monarchs

How did the Catholic Monarchs refoçaar their power in front of the municipalities and the nobility front?
With the holy germendat and chancelleria

Evolved as the POB. Decreased Increase
The society was divided into classes? If clerics noble peasants Tambe
Qins groups were the most powerful? Kings Kings noble noble church churches bourgeois
Qina was the main economic activity? Trade Trade
The bank was common tecniqes? If not
Qins power was king? Military Religious courts politic
With qines institutions governed? Courts Monarqies authoritarian

Unit 11

Qe is humanism? Where Qe think comes the word?
in a current cultural Bazas man comes from the word man.

Unit 12
QE means:
Monarqia hispanica: the kings of spain
Great power: his powerful

Qins were two major objectives Felip2? Defending Catholicism and retain their territories.

Qins problems of his reign are related to the first goal?
QE orion is the Christian religion

Perqe called the empire of Philip QE 2 May the sun was setting?
Perqe land had conqerides around the world, and where a place was dedi another nighttime ivicerversa.

Capitulation: authorization to form an army
Monopoly: Were you a right to create a business or institution.
Indian Council: responsible for advise on the monarch Americas.
House Contracting: site spain spanish in america where the mandate.

Unit 13

QE Perqe called the Spanish society of the 17th century was a rentier society? Qins fundamental values aqesta situation?
QE lived on incomes

The 17th century was a period of expansion or demographic stagnation? And economical?
destancament demographic and economic

QE Do the economic and social crisis influenced the military crisis? And vice versa?
if perqe alter money and people. If tmabe

Qe Qe would say a country has hegemony on the continent?
QE is a major power on the continent.

Qe to understand international power?
QE is a very powerful country.

The king declared to take barracota.Guerra abl powers united with England and the more economic problems, with peace with England and removes the powers together.

The expulsion of Muslims. Bankruptcy

QE 2 Charles had no descendenicia

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