Basic problems of political science

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The French Psychologist who worked with Theodore Simon in establishing one of the first intelligence test was Binet.

The part of the neuron that sends messages to other neurons is called Axon.

The white fatty covering around the axon of some neurons is called Myelin Sheath.

Grouping related items to increase information that can be held in short term memory is called Chunking.

Procedural memory refers to the process of acquiring skills as a result of practice and repetition.

The Parasympathetic System automatically slows body organs after a time of intense alarm or activity.

The Sympathetic system prepares the body for action in threatening situations.

 The sympathetic nervous system converses and maintains your physical resources. T

AlbertBandura is the psychologist most strongly identified with Observational Learning.

The Survey method is designed to gain opinion and popular response about an item, political ….

The perspective of psychology that focuses on the importance of the role of mental processes is called Cognitive.

The scholar who taught at the University of Leipzig and is associated with the beginning of psychology as a science was Wilhelm Wundt.

In formal experimental research the group that receives the independent variable is called the Experimental Group. T

Cognitive map is Tolman’s term that describes the mental representation of the layout of an environment.

The three functions of memory are retrieval.

The Pineal produces melatonin which helps regulate sleep-wake cycle.

The Hypothalamus maintains homeostasis and regulates body temperature, hunger and thirst.

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