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Grammar sections: descriptive language is a language related to the oro.Alderdi, as well as regulatory aspects of the approach ere.Gramatikak 6: Phonetics (the sounds), Phonology (phonemes), Spelling (idaztarauak), morphology (composition), Syntax (Means meeting items ), semantics (meaning).

Perpausa: Semantic (meaning the whole), syntactic (syntactically is free), formal (the whole). Sentences components: the subject and predicate.

Latin: Nominative (NOR), ergatiboa (who), dative (to whom), Genitive (whose), soziatiboa (MgO), destinatiboa (for whom), motibatiboa (norengatik), instrumental (because, what), space-temporal genitibo (Origin ), inesiboa (where norengan), adlatiboa (Where, Who), adlatibo bukatuzkoa (how far, norengaino), direct adlatibo (walk, norenganantz), ablatiboa (Where, Who), partitiboa (what), prolatiboa (nortzat).

sentence types: expressive sentences, in question-sentences, the control sentences, sentences-surprised, doubtful, desirazkoak.

Simple: a single verb.

Compound: 2 or more verbs. Depend on replacement of IS (konpletiboak, the questions), replacement of izlg (erlatibozkoak)

koodinatuak: emendiozko (and, as well as / and not, as yes / no), the opponent (but, but, but, but, again), hautakariak (edo.ala.zein, though), alborakuntzazkoa (,, yes ... Yes, it is ... what, no no ...)

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