Battles in Lincestis

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John A.Macdonald First prime minister of canada, upper and lower canada, nova scotia, new brunswick tght 1867 Wilfred Laurier prime minister of cnd 1896-1911, lawyer, journalist, politician, leader liberal party Indian Actconcerns registered indian, their bands, and the system of indian reserves1876, 614 first nations Komagata Maru ship that travelled from HK to VAN 1914, carrying economic migrants who did not like their living conditions back in IND Queen Victoria queen of UK of GB and IR from 1837-1901, second longest reign of any british monarch in h Robert Borden lawyer, politcian, prime minister 1911-20 8th conservative, was in 1st ww1 Boer War South African war 1899-1902, foreign war, britain vs afrikaners republics NWMP/RCMP North-West Mounted Policed, forerunner of canada´s iconic royal canadian Mounted police Franz Ferdinald scotish rock band Ypres 1stww1, in the belgian city of ypres, 5 battles. 1914,15,17,18,18 Bt.Somme 4 month battle july-nov 1916, alied commanders sought to relieve presurre on the French defenders of Verdun to the south by inficting heavy losses on German forces farther north and drawing German reserves into the battle

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