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-why in the 15 century were developed new routes and why were developed?

Because the  europeans trade with the east passing from the west of constantinople. (silk road) but turks in 15 century conquered constantinople and closed this path. So europeand had to find new routes so in 15 century a series od maritime expeditions opened new routes and extends the then know world were developed

Vasco de Gama: was an portuguese explower that reached indian shores opening the later way of spice islands in the end of 15c.

capitulations of santa fe : it was a document signed by catholic monarch and columbus in 1492. It contained the agreements that columbus will wet if he arrives to india.( he will be an admiral , viceray of the new territories and will obtain the tenth part of the benefits obtained)

bartolome dias: was an portuguese explower that tried to reach india and reached the cape of good hope in 15 c.

treaty of tordesillas: is a document signed by castilians and portugueses in the 15c. They estabilished an imaginary line dividing the land in the west (castile) and in the east (portugal)

preecolumbian people : mayas: between 5 and 15 century. They were in yucatan. They build beautiful temples in form of steppes pyramids.

aztects: between 13 and 16 century. They were in the valley of mexico. They were warlike. Mayas: 12,16 c. They were in the andes.Were peasant people(machu pichu)

first world tour history: ferdinant of magellan ( a portuguese) that managed a castilian expeditions from the pacific to the atlantic from the west and arrived Philippines and in the strait of magellas was assesinated and juan sansebastian el cano captain the expedition with 17 survivors.

who and how subjected the aztecs ? Herman cortes at the beggining of the 16 century an expedition lead by Hernán Cortés landed on the territories inhabited by the aztecs , after a series od battles, taking their kingdraping his emperor, moztezume.

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