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4.The Post-war world.-4.1The peace settlement: after the Armistice, representatives of the Allied Powers met at the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) to decide the conditions that would be imposed on the defeated Central Powers. At the conference, United states President Woodrow Wilson proposed a peace agreement that would promote reconciliation between the various Participants in the war. *The peace Treaties: the treaty of Versailles established especially severe terms For Germany: -it could not have tanks or an air force, it had also to pay Reparations to the European allies, it had to sign the war-guilt clause. *The league of nations: during The Paris Peace Conference, President Wilson proposed establishment of the League of nations(an international organization that would guarantee peace and Prevent future wars).4.2The consequences Of the first World War: the first world warhad especially serious Consequences for Europe, where most of the battles and destruction took place. Consequences: *death and injury: the war produced millions of casualties. This reduced The population and the work. *material destruction: the fighting destroyed Cities, factories, farmland and infrastructure such as roads, bridges and ports.*economic Decline: Europe lost its economy leadership and needed loans from the United States to rebuild after the war and repair the damage caused by the fighting. *New European states: the map of Europe changed dramatically as a consequence Of the peace treaties. *colonial changes: the Paris peace treaties gave Allied Powers control over colonies or regions that had belonged to the central powers Before the war.

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