Battles in Lincestis

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3) This map is political or economic and we can see many arrows that go from the south to the north. Begining in Tarifa, and Toledo, Astorga or Zaragoza are important places and receive a lot of them, people go there different times.We can see two battles: Guadalete that is in the south Poitiers that are at the north of the Peninsula.
4) We can see Muslims invation. Tarik landed in Gibraltar in 711. Easily defeaded Visigoths in the battle of Guadalete and he called Musa, the Islamic governor of northern Africa to try to conquered all the Peninsula. In 4 years finally he dominated all the Peninsula but only the northern mountains zone. They decide to conquered Europe, but they were defeaded by Franks in the battle of Poitiers. They winthdrew to the Iberian Peninsula.

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