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tuesday after first monday in november on election day voters cast ballots for a latte of sectors pledged to a particular presidential candidate 

monday after second wednesday in december winning electors in each state meet in their state capitals to cast their votes for president and vice president a statement of the vote is sent to wdc
january 6 congress counts electoral votes. A majority of electoral votes is needed to win. January 20 he candidate receiving majority of electoral votes is sworn in as president of the us
only election in american history were a former president a current and a future were matched against each other tr prog bm taft rep e wilson den d
taft nor presidential campaign someone tried to kill TD book stops wilson
hayes tilden cleveland blane attacked each other wilson hughes bush testimonials celebrities bandwagon rest of the crow name-calling negative words glittering generalities possitive but little info card stacking positive and negative plain folks just like you transfer feelings involved 15 african americans 19 women to vote 26 voting 18

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