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A- I Had a diver down, keep weel clear//B-I am taking in or 
Discharging off//C-yes//D-keep clear off me I am manoeuvering with 
Difficulty// E- I am altering my course to starboard// F-I am disabled, 
Communicate with me// G-I requiere a Pilot// H-I have a pilot on board//
 I- I am altering my course to port// J- I am on fire//K- I wish to 
Communicate with you// L- you should stop your vessel instantly// M-my 
Vessel is stopped// N-No// O-person overboard//P-In harbour, all persons
 Should report on board//Q-my vessel is healthy and I request free 
Practique// U -you are running danger// V-I require assistance// W- I 
Require medical assistance// X-Stop carryng out your intantions and 
Whatch for my signal// Y-I am dragging my anchor// Z- I require a tug

Might-intention//Should-Advice//could- warning
Mayday-distress message//pan pan- urgency//securite-safety massage

A is ahead of the../B is on the starboard bow/C is before the starboard beam/ D is abeam de tanker/ E is abaft the starboard beam /F on the Starboard quarter /G is astern the tanker

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