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The gold bracelet


Pedro Alfonso de Orellana loved Maria Antunez unlimited. One day he surprised her crying, he manages, after much insistence, the fact that women take up the obsessive desire of gold jewelry has one arm in the image of the Virgen del Sagrario, patron saint of the city of Toledo.

Beating its previous strength, the love that night started quietly in the Cathedral, the coveted bracelet of the Virgin, but can not take it, because in the temple has seen supernatural beings and hideous vermin resurrected corpses. In those visions, freaks out and falls vanished. The next morning, it is found delirious in the church, while holding the bracelet in her hands.

The mountain of souls


Relationship between two young nobles, one of them and a foreign soriano (Beatriz). Returning from the mount of the souls to the city on All Saints' and she asked for the mount of the souls, as the legend said that night rang the bells of the monastery and got up the souls of the dead. They go to the castle and after dinner will be a cozy room where some old told stories about demons. They did not speak, only stared into her eyes. When they spoke they decided to get gifts and that she should depart to his country soon, they agreed that he would give a jewel and she would give a blue stripe that was lost on the mountain that morning. The young man went to look and did not return. Beatriz went to bed but I could not sleep, he suddenly saw the band, who had sent for her beloved to the mountain, all covered with blood and torn. She screamed and the servants found her dead with fear.

Green eyes


In a hunt Fernando de Argensola shoots a wounded deer and it goes into a forest area where neither the hunters nor dogs accessed since it was the source area of the Los Alamos and said there who dared to enter pay his daring to face an evil spirit that lived in the area. Fernando went anyway and got to take your piece, but since then his behavior changed. She looked pale, had become introverted q going to hunt alone, but never brought any part. His hounds Iñigo was worried about his friend and they told him that day in the source had been a young girl with beautiful green eyes and bewitching, although I knew that it was the spirit needed to see her again. Back to the source and there trying to find out who is the girl talking to her, he confesses his love, and then the lady speaks and tells him she loves him, embraces him and leads her into the lake.

Maese Perez, the organist


Maese Perez is an old organist of the Cathedral of Seville, it is loved by all the people all admire his playing, which reaches its maximum brightness in the midnight mass.

It was precisely at this time when the old man died suddenly due to illness he had. The year after his death from the cathedral came a melody angelic but yet no one was sitting playing the organ. No doubt it was the spirit of old which to the delight of his parishioners.

The moonlight


Manrique, a very self-enclosed, noble adamant he appreciated the solitude in a high degree. His greatest weakness was the poetry and therefore its solitary nature allowed to think and exercise your mind. A warm summer night in the woods of Soria Manrique saw a woman dressed in white who appeared to him to be the perfect woman, the fast start it to continue but she disappears. For two months, their efforts are in vain.

However, on returning one night to the same place, the scene is repeated, just as fleeting, he realizes that he is pursuing a moonbeam that could be seen among the foliage of the forest where he was.

This leads him to think that love and glory hidden in a moonbeam.

The Miserere


A man finds a book in an abbey. The man, reading the book, discovered at the edge of a page a word that did not know the meaning, so I asked an old man the meaning of this. The old man recognizes the word and tells the "researcher" an old legend.

It said that some time ago a man walked into the abbey seeking shelter and a piece of bread. Those who then lived in the abbey did not give any problem, since virtually it was her job. At dinner, the monks began to ask questions of the newcomer. He was answering almost every question until they reached one of which did not come out, "that you do?". Replenished man who was a musician and that at that time was the end of the Miserere for the Lord will forgive all their sins. Upon hearing this, one of the monks gathered there told him that his job was done because at that monastery in the mountains who had heard the monks chant every night dead Miserere. The musician decided to climb to the monastery and take notes in order to complete the score. He was already inside when they saw the monastery was rebuilt only the skeletons of the monks climbed up the mountainside to be placed in a line to sing the song. The stunned man try to stay alert to the response of so many years of work, but when the monks were on verse 10, he left a big flash frozen and left him unconscious. When he awoke the next day, went down the mountain to reach the abbey and sought refuge there to write the Miserere. Wrote down everything I hear, but when I try to write the end it was impossible. He wrote many drafts but did not, such was his frustration that he died mad.



French troops enter Toledo in the early nineteenth century. One of the captains is housed in a church with some of his soldiers. The next day, officers gather at the Zocodover and ask the captain to that he spent the night, this says a noise woke him up at night and before bed in the dark could see a beautiful woman but this was marble , at his side stood another statue, but this time from a soldier who the captain assumed was her husband. Upon hearing this, his comrades decide to go see her that night while providing them with wine. Officers investigate and discover that the statues belong to a famous warrior and his wife Dona Elvira Castañeda. When all come to the church are fascinated and start drinking. A soldier throws a glass of wine in the face of the statue of the warrior, moments later the captain tries to kiss his lips, the statue of Donna Elvira, but her husband, marble, raises his arm and giving the officer in the face, this just bleeding from mouth, nose and eyes.

The Christ of Calvary


The king of Castile sends his knights to Toledo. All were welcome parties, but the big party was the day before the start of the knights to the war. In this event, the protagonist was Doña Inés de Tordesillas, a beautiful woman with love to all men, but only two were on track to get his heart. These two are called Alonso's cheek and Lope de Sandoval, who stood out for his performance. The day of the ceremony, Doña Inés. They realized they would have to fight to get the heart of this lady, searched overnight for a place to carry out the duel. Finally found a shed lit by a light, where he was a Christ and under a skull. The men prayed a prayer and prepared to fight, but drew their swords when the light went out. The re-turn, returned to take out and ... the light went out again. This happened several times until finally a voice rang Knights wrapped in deepest fears. After that, they realized that the man did not want that duel will take place.

Decided that Agnes had to choose and went to balcony ready to seduce. But what was his surprise to discover Doña Inés farewell to his beloved. His first reaction was to dip into its steel and kill the man, but then thought about it and let out a laugh that echoed precipitating the departure of Dona Ines.

The next day, on the stage of farewell, was among the bridesmaids Dona Ines, who was uneasy lest the laughter had been caused by the death of one of the knights, but was relieved to discover that the ranks marching the two men were unharmed.



This legend is told in first person, and the author counts as a fact that has happened to him. Becquer traveled to Toledo in a few days off in which he would dedicate to contemplate the city.

One day walking down a narrow street inhabited by passing several times a day was set in a window and saw a curtain that moved. He stared for a while but did not turn to move. Other days it happened again and each time he passed the curtain move, and it was drawn to a woman who was the one who moved the curtain. Became obsessed by the mysterious woman until she had to go to Madrid, where he forget his obsession, but had noted the date of the last day he was in Toledo, the last day she saw the bulge behind the curtains. That was the first date.

Some time later he returned to Toledo, seeking inspiration for drawing. One day he found a place where there was a convent that had been a mosque, a palace of a noble and surely something else. Believed it perfect for drawing and sat on a stone, and suddenly from a window he saw a hand waving a white woman's hand, graceful. The hand disappeared and as much as hoped to see did not return. That same day he returned to Madrid, and said the date of that day. That was the second date.

A year later he returned to Toledo, and want the destination, that she came to the same square in which stood the convent, which doubled bells and noises were heard inside, as there was a taking of the habit. He went inside and witnessed the end of the ceremony, where he cut his hair and placed the novice habit, which is leading into the cloister forever. Becquer asked an elderly woman who was weeping woman, and she replied that she was a young daughter of a count who was orphaned a year ago because her parents had died of cholera. He asked that as it was the street where he lived and when he said he realized it was the same street where the curtain was moving. That day, said the third date.



In this legend talk about Don Dionis, a retired soldier who lives with her daughter, named Constanaza, so beautiful that he had been given the nickname of Azucena del Moncayo, in a castle in Aragon. One day he was resting were talking to a shepherd boy named Stephen. This told them that here and there was almost hunted deer since, but one day saw fresh tracks of a herd, so I decided to go hide at night to see them, and that when they arrived, I swear I heard talking and had said his name. Then he turned and said he had seen a white deer. Don Dion and her daughter laughed and did not believe him, but Garcés, Constance server, I thought.

Garcés was sweating one night and said before the whole world had heard of white deer more people, and that would come to hunt, but did not believe him.

He decided to go that night to hunt for giving it to Constance. He waited a long time and fell asleep, until something woke him up. Suddenly he saw they were headed to the river a group of deer, including one white. He saw deer off his suit and become beautiful women and bathing. Distinguish between them seemed to Constance, but believed to be raving it up to hunt the white deer. Suddenly they ran all the deer, and white was caught in the brambles, and when Garces was going to shoot the deer heard that he said what do you do, Garces? -. It seemed the voice of Constance, but then the deer ran off, and he, believing all this fruit of his imagination soared. When he got to where they had found the deer, Constance found dead under his crossbow.



In this legend a group of girls returning from getting water supply met Uncle Greogorio, the oldest of the place, which they turned so late was because of the source. They asked him to tell a story, and told him not to go so long at the source, since they would have problems. Wolf said that in addition, at night in that source were gnomes, some evil beings. He told them that once a pastor went missing in one of the hidden caves of gnomes, and that was about to die for their greed, since the cave was full of unimaginable wealth, but ultimately left the cave without taking anything, but died shortly afterwards.

The girls were and had no thought but two sisters, Martha and Magdalene, which were orphaned, and who had a deep hatred that he had never come to light since they were very different. The next day the two girls decided to go to the source when it was night. A Marta water began to speak, to go with her and she started talking Magdalena wind. Eventually they were persuaded and each with one. Magdalena appeared the next day, pale and frightened, and dying, but Magdalena was heard no more, except that they found the next day his jug ears. Some people say that some nights you hear mourn with Marta, a prisoner of water in the bottom of the pan.

Since then, all the girls are going to fill their jugs at dawn, and return prontísimo.



In this short story tells of a castle that was in Fitero, Navarra. Note that there many years ago, a Christian prisoner of the Moors fell and was trapped for several days, about to die. At the end bought his freedom with money, and returned with his family. In the time that had passed prisoner had met the daughter of the governor, which had fallen in love. Was long thought, until he decided to attack the castle and kidnap the delay.

Some time later the Moors had attacked to recover the arrears, but as no surprise they did not getting anything. In the end, in a fit father died and her lover arrears fell wounded. This led him to a secret tunnel that was. The young man regained consciousness and only asked for water, and she took a chance and went to the river water, but when he returned the seriously wounded. Still managed to get to where his beloved and give the water, but instead of drinking it, I use to baptize her, and so live together forever. Since then say that every night he sees the ghost of the girl going to fetch water for her beloved



This legend tells of a count, Theobald, motherless since birth and father died a few years later. He was a man, bad, mean, and that was very bad people. A day's hunt took refuge in a church because it had not caught anything, and for this reason he was about to kill the priest, while it told him to repent, but Tybalt replied that he did not believe in God. Suddenly he heard the voice of a boar was walking nearby. She ran after him until he got to hurt, but at that moment his horse died of exhaustion that was and the hours he had run after wild boar. At that moment a page that gave a black steed, and smiled at the time that mounted Theobald. Then the horse bolted long time and was running through valleys, villages, mountains, all unknown to him, and there came a time when the horse began to fly through the sky and Theobald was watching the sinners, those who had been accepted into heaven, the archangels, the Virgin. Then came a long way when he stood before God. Increased head to look at it and then found blinded, wounded, falling into an abyss. He awoke and found himself in the forest where he had wounded the boar, which had killed his horse.

He was far from his lordship so he went to a house looking for asylum and when he told his name to the people laughed at it or taking crazy. At the end came the next day at the castle, which was old, without gatekeepers and different. Opened and a monk came to greet him. This will explain that the count had taken him as the devil and had no children had donated their possessions to the clergy. The monk asked for his identity and said it was just a miserable sorry I wanted to join the order. And from there began to believe.

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