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English is The predominant language in today's world. It is estimated that more than 500 Million people speak English natively and it is an international language Around the world. In Europe the number of courses taught in English has Increased, “in 2002, there were 560 Masters programmes delivered in English in 19 EU countries. By 2012, this had risen to 6,800 in 11 EU countries” (Wiseman & Odell, 2014, 1) and today this language continues to increase its Popularity in universities around the world. Therefore, English must be a Medium of instruction in higher education because it gives us better job Opportunities in the international scene and It will allow us to communicate in All kinds of situations around the world.Learn English is essential to have More chances of finding a good job. If we have a good knowledge of this Important language, we will be considered better-prepared candidates and will More easily access positions of more relevance within any company. The increase Of our job opportunities is spectacular at the moment we dominate a language of The importance of English since we will have access to all types of Multinational companies or those that move in international environments, in Which the workers are from different nationalities and the English language is Chosen to communicate with each other. No matter in which sector you move, in General, English always gives you advantages over other candidates who do not Know this language, providing you with a greater number of internal promotion Possibilities within any company, as well as when accessing to better jobs. Thus, knowing English in the workplace increases the chances of finding a good Job, for many companies it is an exclusive requirement and “at a related policy Dialogue in Segovia, Spain, last year, participants almost unilaterally agreed That EMI provided an opportunity.” (Wiseman & Odell, 2014, 2).

English is An international language and wherever we go, we will always be able to Communicate with someone in English. The moment that you learn this language, You can travel around the world without fear of being misunderstood or unable To communicate with others in an effective way. Travelling is always an Enriching experience, the more you travel the more you learn and if you manage To learn English well, you can travel to any place on earth because this Language is spoken in all continents and you will always find someone with whom You can communicate in case of need. Although English is not the native Language in many countries, it is the common language spoken around the world And learning to speak this language correctly will help us to communicate Without barriers in different areas like in the commerce, finance, religion and Culture. To conclude, English as a medium of instruction on higher education is Beneficial for the student because they are going to have better opportunities To find a good job and in real life, they can communicate with everyone in Every part of the world. There are multiple reasons why we must learn English And every time there are more facilities to learn to speak this language Fluently. Thus, learn English is a great resource for all students because they  will have better opportunities in their Personal and work future. 

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