Behaviouralism disregards political culture

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Impact of automobiles

increased transportation, oil and gas dependency, suburbs, jobs, industry

Jazz Age

Term used to describe the image of the liberated, urbanized 1920s, with a flapper as a dominant symbol of that era. Many rural, fundamentalist Americans deeply resented the changes in American culture that occurred in the "Roaring 20s."

Rise of the Klan

Immigration, The red scare, and anti-communist people led to the second rise of the KKK. The new klan was devoted to "100% americanism"


Migration to a new location

Red Scare

A social/political movement designed to prevent a socialist/communist/radical movement in this country by finding "radicals," incarcerating them, deporting them, and subverting their activities

Changing role/expectations of women

The "new morality"

New attitude in America, caused soaring divorce rates, the spreading practice of birth control, and the frank discussion of sexual topics, stemmed from the new roles for women and the writing of Sigmund Freud and the Jazz age

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