Behaviouralism disregards political culture

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Markets and companies tend To spread around the world, reaching a dimension that overtakes the national Borders, and that is globalization. It is achieved through the exchange of Goods, services, information, knowledge and culture. Due to technology and its Advances, communications, science, transports and industry, globalization has Grown faster in the last few years. //

According to the World Bank, it is important to know That economic globalization is not a new tendency, but it has always existed in The history of humanity. In fact, what we currently know as developed countries Was formed at the end of nineteenth century.//

According to the World Bank, the international economic Integration pace sped up in the 80's and 90's decades, time when all governments From everywhere reduced political barriers  Which were hindering trade and international investment. //

Globalization Is not being developed equally in all countries. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), some countries are integrated in the global economy faster Than other ones. This countries are characterized by a fast economy growth and A diminished poverty. The problem with poorest and least-developed countries is Not that globalization makes them poorer, but they are excluded from it.  //

In accordance with the IMF, Asia counted with the poorest countries in the world forty years ago, and at The moment they are dynamic and developed countries. This has happened because Of the implementation of external openness policies. Besides, this also affects To politics because democracy progresses and living conditions are improved. However, Advanced countries and only some of the developing countries have benefited the Most. //

Finally, it is necessary to Make possible for all the countries to be able to benefit from globalization. Thus, according to the IMF, the international community should contribute in Order to help poorest countries to get integrated in the world economy, Supporting reforms which strengthen  World economies and financial systems to reach  a faster growth and a poverty reduction. According to Francisco Ayala, globalization is simply a word, that finally Became real. The world is now one itself. 

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