Behaviouralism disregards political culture

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3: DECONSTRUCTIONISM: Focus on the power relations according to which the other is constructed: writing about other cultures- the language of ethnography. The question of authority- anthropologists have climed to be authorities on other cultures.

-Throughout the history of Anthropology anthropologists have claimed to be authorities on other Cultures;

-This claim fortified the Mystique of fieldwork and the explanation of other cultures to their Audiences through written descriptions

-The deconstructionist Critique led many anthropologists to ask a variety of questions about the Relationship between the ethnographic texts and the fieldwork experience Upon which those texts are based.

-RESULT:The filtering of exotic otherness Through the constructions of social theory is exposed as “literature” (novel, fiction) disguised as “scientific reportage”.

RESULTING VIEW OF FIELDWORK: - Fieldwork is crucial in the creation of Ethnographic texts. - Anthropologists can never be unbiased observers Of all that goes on in culture. - Fieldworkers must of necessity be in specific Places at specific times. As a result they see some things and not others.- The particular circumstances of fieldwork, the political Context in which it occurs, the investigator’s preferences and predilections, And the people met by chance or design all condition the understanding of Society that results.

·Has affected way of writing anthropology.

·To look at ethnography as a genre, a way of Writing about culture and the other. Anthropologists in general have Established this genre in which the author establishes a ‘voice’.

·Ethnographic authority: who are you and how gave You the authority to say what you wrote is the ultimate truth.

·Maintaining the “voice” the anthropology Maintains control, he describes what he sees, and analyses it, silencing the other Not reporting what or why they do what they do, just his own subjective view.

·IT IS ALL ABOUT disempowering the other.

·Key Words: authority, disempowerment,

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