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23.Testu iruzkina: 1978 Constitution

This text is a legar lext where the target readers are all Spaniard citizens. The authors are the representatives of the UCD, ehe socialists, the communists the right wingers and the autonomies. It was written in 1978; this constitution was approved in the courts the 6th of December and finally was published in the 29th of December.

After Francos death Arias Navarro continued such the head of the government and the king wanted to break with the previous regime. Initially the king didn´t dismiss Arias Navarro but he asked him to introduce some reformas but the reforms were rejected by the courts; in that complicated situation Arias Navarro resigned and the king was free to appoint as the head of the government the person he wanted, the person he chose was Adolfo Suarez. Suarez elaborated the political reform. A referendum was made to approve that; it was massively approved so there was a call for elections. For this elections it was essential to legalise political parties se he legalised all parties except PCE, but he finished legalising it. The result of the elections was the victory of UCD followed by socialists, PMP, communists and later the right wingers. In the Basque Country PMP got the majority of the votes. After the elections they started with the elaboration of a constitution, Suarez could elaborate the constitution alone but he decided to do it with the members of the rest of the parties, according to the result of the elections.

This text is the constitution they elaborated, the state here is a state with freedom and with democracy and citizens chose their representatives. The form of the government is a democratic monarchy in which the kink only has a role of representation. There is a reference to the unity of the country, it is recognised the right of some territories to organise in autonomies but without breaking the unity of the state. In the following article it appears the legislative power that belongs to the courts and have two cameras; the executive power that belongs to the president of the government and the ministers; and the judicial power that belongs to the judges. Finally it is recognizes the possibility of organising autonomies in which they take into account the common past, culture, language, economy… and they must be neat onta to the other. It appears also the the respect for foral institutions and the elimination of the two laws refearing to the modification of the Basque fueros.

To conclude, this constitution was formed by the referendum of the citizens where the general participation was very high; but in the Basque Country there was an attitude against the way the constitution had been approved. The PMP wanted the constitution to go ahead but they were upset with the government because any member of the Basque Country had been called to create the constitution, as a consequence many of them did not vote. Other parties close to ETA asked their followers not to vote because that was not their constitution. After the approval of the constitution some measures were taken, we even included a representative of the autonomies.

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