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The owner of the company is the Government. Usually the employees are ‘public servants’. They can work in public hospitals, public schools, or in the administration.
• Individually owned. A company that belongs to a single individual. This owner takes all the decisions, and its responsible for its profits and losses.
• Cooperative. A company formed by a group of people united for a common purpose, which could be economic, cultural or social. Membership is voluntary and free to all, and each member pays the same amount to join. When making decisions, the rule is ‘one member, one vote’.Public limited company or corporation (PLC). The initial capital of this company is distributed in ‘shares’. Major decisions are voted on at shareholders’ (or stockholders’) meetings, and the stockholders who own more shares have more votes. The profits are distributed according to the number of shares, and if there are losses, the shareholders only lose the money they spent when they bought the shares.

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