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As people, there is a specific time in our lives which we have to make important or adult decisions, Are we mature enough to get by? It depends mainly on our likes, dislikes, and the level of dependence or independence that we have. Living alone has its advantages such as being independent and doing whatever we want but also it has its disadvantages like pay the bills by yourself and face the loneliness

It is believed that living alone could be a good option if you could get by. Most of people decide to live alone because they really appreciate their personal space and decorate it as they want, they don’t have problems to face loneliness, they really like to run errands or do their house chores by themselves because the time belongs to them. Besides, nobody controls their schedules and is telling them what to do. It is useful because you learn how to manage your money.

On the other hand, living alone has its disadvantages. Most of people throughout the time realize that they have to deal with the loneliness because they are most of the time alonem, we ha

·Disminuye la capacidad para saber convivir

·responsabilidad es mayor 

·La comida y la compra es responsabilidad tuya

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