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The internet is currently the most important search tool in the world because it shows millions of results to a question in seconds and not only that but we can visit sites rich in information from which you can learn a lot. The internet has many functions besides search results has the ability to reproduce videos, music, download power point presentations, search images, social networks, current news and endless things. The Internet's greatest weakness is the lack of either phone, light and signal without these elements the internet modem is simply a useless object. The internet is a free place which makes it a place not completely safe as viruses, insecure citios, hackers inhabit this place and not only that but they can ruin your pc or your life because if you neglect and By mistake you upload some compromising photography can become an experience because in the internet abound from teasing, to complete idiots willing to humiliate you for a little fame be careful on the internet and use it safely.

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